Secret Valley & Minthis Hills

The Secret Valley Golf Course, je veľmi prestížny golfový course nchádzajúci sa v renovovanej oblasti "Petra tou Romiou", legendárneho miesta zrodenia Afrodity, bohyne lásky. Nachádza sa v malebnom údolí obklopenom vysokými stromami a nádhernými prírodnými skalnými útvarmi. Secret Valley Golf Club bol postavený v roku 1996 a leží asi 20 minút od Paphosu a 28 km východne od hotela. Ferveje sú lemované stromami a zaujímavými skalnatými útesmi. Rustikálna klubovňa má príjemnú atmosféru. Je ideálne pre začiatočníkov. Secret Valley Golf je situovaný preč od ruchu a zhonu. Toto čarovné miesto prináša radosť z pokoja a ticha, čistý vzduch a príjemnú klímu. Secret Valley golf areál a rezort bol dizajnovaný tak, aby urobil život pohodlným, radostným a relaxačným.


Parametre ihriska:




HCP muži

HCP ženy








1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27)

  • Ball is out of bounds if it is

a. Over any boundary fence or hedge or

b. Beyond any line of white stakes


2. WATER HAZARDS (Rule 26)

  • Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes.
  • Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red stakes.


3. GRAVEL / STONE AREAS (Rule 24-2b)

  • Gravel / Stone areas are around Tees are to be considered as "Immovable Obstructions" from which relief may be taken under Rule 24-2b.


4. ACCES PATHS (Rule 24-2b)

  • Sand / Earth access paths to/from Tees and Greens are to be considered as "Immovable Obstructions" from which relief may be taken under Rule 24-2b.



  • All roads and pathways (including adjacent drainage ditches)
  • All hydrant boxes and power poles
  • Stone Tee information plaques



  • Are immovable obstructions and relief MUST be taken in accordance with Rule 24-2



  • All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 24-2. In addition, if such an obstruction on or within two club lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes on the line play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief without penalty, as follows:
  • If the ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and is within two club lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where ball lay which
    a. Is not nearer the hole
    b. Avoids such intervention and
    c. Is not in hazard or on a putting green


9. If a ball strikes the power lines crossing the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th or 9th holes or strikes the supporting poles on 3rd, 7th, 8th or 9th holes, the player MUST disregard that stroke, abandon the ball and play another ball, without penalty as near as possible to the spot from which original ball was played in accordance with Rule 20-5.

Other local rules are displayed on the Main Notice Board in the Club House.


Match Play - Loss of Hole, Stroke Play - 2 Strokes.



SECRET VALLEY GOLF CLUB : 18 Holes set in a spectacular setting in a scenic valley with grand trees and beautiful sculpted rock formations all round.

Handicap Requirements:
Men 28, Ladies 36

Players without a Handicap Certificate can only play after special request.



Minthis Hills


Prvé golfové ihrisko vytvorené Donaldom Steelom na Cypre s 18 jamkami bolo otvorené v roku 1994 v okolí mesta Paphos. Týmto golfovým ihriskom je Minthis Hills. Toto ihrisko bolo rozšírené renomovanými dizajnérmi Mackenzie + Ebert. Vďaka svojej polohe v kopcoch hráči netrpia horúčavou ani uprostred leta a preto je toto 18 jamkové ihrisko golfovým rajom. Toto pole je najbližšie svojim hosťom z pláže Cyprus Coral Bay.  Jeho nová signature hole je charakteristická pre toto golfové ihrisko. Je náročné, dramatické a zároveň zábavné pre všetky úrovne zdatnosti. Uprostred viníc a sadov s výhľadom na nedotknutú panorámu kopcov a hlboké modré more. Nádherné ihrisko sa vyznačuje zvýšenou driving range s 16 boxy a dramatickým výhľadom na hory.


Golf Scorecart and Map



Hole 1

A nice gentle start to the front nine, long hitters need to watch the fairwayon the left side by three small bunkers but everything feeds in from the right to the green, so clever play will be rewarded with a par to start.

Hole 2

The easiest par three on the course only causes problems when you pull the ball left into two large bunkers or into the edge of the orchard, which surrounds the monastery. The green slopes back to front, so be careful with your first putt not to leave yourself on the high side.

Hole 3

The first Par 5. A tight driving hole where the longer hitters will have to be confident, your only line here is tight with the walnut and apple trees on the right so you do not run out into trees on the left. A good drive will see either a long iron to the green or a tricky lay up onto a stepped downward slope to the stream protecting the front of the green.

Hole 4

A short par 4. Length is not important here, accuracy is the key. A long iron from the tee leaves a full wedge into a difficult green protected by 2 big bunkers on the right. The green slopes back to front and left to right so take your time with the second shot and think of your first putt.

Hole 5

After a long walk past the monastery to the tee, a demanding tee shot that requires accuracy up the right, which feeds the ball down into the middle of the fairway. The green is protected by 3 bunkers so long would appear to be the best option, until you reach the green, it slopes back to front again, so the best option from the fairway is to take on the bunkers and leave an uphill putt.

Hole 6

A long par 4. stroke index 1. From a brand new tee position a good straight drive into the right half of the fairway is essential, at this point only the longest hitters will have a view of the top of the flag and the monastery, for everybody else there is a red cross at the back of the green to help you with your aim through the olive grove. The green is protected on the right side with a small bunker. The most difficult putt is one to the flag when it is on the top level in the back right position.

Hole 7

Standing next to the monastery in the middle of the olive trees, you have a difficult par 4 to play. You must drive to the left side of the fairway and up the hill, faced now with a blind second shot for all but the biggest hitters, another red cross behind again helps with aim. For both drive and second shot be careful not to lose the ball right into the grape vines that surround the next hole. The green has only one bunker to the left but the shot is made simple by the natural lie feeding the ball down from the right.

Hole 8

The last par 3 on the front 9. Now completely redesigned you face a down hill shot of 165 meters into a green that slopes up from front to back, it is surrounded by bunkers and outside of that, the old grape vines. Maybe the first hole that a par feels like a birdie.

Hole 9

The final hole on the front nine keeps you thinking, in the distance the beautiful new clubhouse. 3 new tees create a step down to the fairway where trees line the left side of the fairway and grape vines behind for extra support. The right is no easier with a big pond collecting balls from each group. You play back up the slope to the green with a medium iron that is guarded on the left with 2 small pot bunkers. Putting is difficult here with some subtle brakes that you don't see.

Hole 10

A tough start to the back nine, this par 3 will play all of its 165 meters. With the clubhouse balcony over looking your tee shot, you must carry the ball all the way to the green over thick scrub and up the hill. Just to add to the test the green is now protected by a bunker on the right side. So with no space on the right and out of bounds left, only good shots will score.

Hole 11

On the score card the easiest par 4 on the course. The newly constructed tee in the side of the hill provides some of the best views in Cyprus, the snow capped Troodos Mountains to one side and golf course the other. The tee is long and narrow and makes you play into the slope of the fairway helping any bad bounces. For the bravest golfers, driver is an option, but be careful the bunker in the right side of the green is the least of your worries with out of bounds surrounding. Using a mid to long iron the fairway bunker on the left side is your perfect aim, leaving you a short wedge to the green.

Hole 12

Probably the easiest of the par 5's on the course, the 12th starts from a raised tee that looks down across the whole course. A good drive here is down the right hand side, filtering into the middle. The new fairway bunkers will influence the choice of 2nd shot; long hitters can make the green with two good blows. A bunker to left of the green makes down the right the safe shot. Be careful here the green is deceptively tricky.

Hole 13

Stroke index 2. The hardest hole by far on the back nine. From a slightly raised tee position, the fairway is surrounded by trees and crossed by a winding ditch. Only long hitters will consider taking on the ditch and then only when it is down wind. The fairway rises all the way to the green giving only a view of the top of the flag. When you finally reach the green you will find no bunkers but a triple tiered green making this probably the hardest on the course to read.

Hole 14 - Signature Hole

Our signature hole, newly designed by Tom Mackenzie, a winding cart path takes you across waste land to a tee built into the side of the hill. Your drive must find a fairway that is built up out of the valley and lined with traditional Cyprus stone. The wall marks the edge of the course and then of course out of bounds. To the right is a large slope planted heavily with large olive tree's that will obstruct your view if you lose your ball to the right. A relatively short par 4 is not as easy as the scorecard suggests. The green is raised from the fairway and bunkers in the slope up to the green seem to attract your ball.

Hole 15

The last of the par 3's. Most of the trouble here will be in your mind, you must carry a traditional Cyprus stone lined stream, then miss bunkers and olive tree's both sides of the green and putt well on a tricky surface, the wind blows through the valley across the reservoir and makes a short shot here much more difficult than the norm.

Hole 16

The tee's are cut into the side of the hill overlooking the 15th and 3rd greens, a fairway wood is the best option here, the stream across the fairway and down the right hand side, again will make you think of position over distance. Once in the middle of the fairway you must play up the slope to a green that is much wider than it is deep, cut into the side of the green is a deep pot bunker that always seems to push the ball away to the right side.

Hole 17

The final par 5. Two shots to the green here rarely happens, the fairway is crossed three times by streams feeding the main channel to the reservoir. To make matters worse the fairway has a double dogleg and has been cut through the middle of the old orchard attached to the monastery. Walnut, apple and cherry trees make spring time here a beautiful penultimate hole. The last of the streams runs to the right and crosses just in front of the green with two bunkers protecting the left side, so think carefully about your choice of approach shot.

Hole 18

Possibly the hardest tee shot on the course, this makes the 18th a fantastic finishing hole. The fairway slopes from left to right and is lined with disaster on both sides. On the left is the large water hazard that already caused you stress on the 9th and on the right the walnut and fig trees that surround the 17th green. A stream crosses at the 100 meters to go marker, making driver from the tee the wrong choice for most. When you eventually find the fairway it rises up to the green, which is protected by 2 right hand side pot bunkers. The green is deceptively large and not enough care with your approach could finish your round with 3 putts.


Minthis Hills and Secret Valley Golf Club - Rules and Etiquette

  • All players must be at least 16 years of age. Players under this age have to be accompanied by an adult
  • All players must present acurrent handicap certificate. The maximum handicap for gentlemen is 28 and for ladies 36. Players without handicap are only allowed to play after 11:00 o´clock.
  • Players preferably have to wear golf shoes with soft spikes but trainers are also allowed
  • Men will play of the yellow Tes and Ladies from red. Other Tees may be used but only by prior arrangements with the management.
  • All players using electric golf cart must obey the rule to stay on the paths only. Carts are strictly prohibites near Tees or in the area around the Greens.
  • The club´s dress code will be strictly enforced, and most importantly includes that:

-       Any clothes made of blue denim material are not allowed

-       Only tailored knee-length shorts or trousers are permitted

-       T-shirts are not allowed

-       Men´s shirts must have collars and long or short sleeves

-       Ladies shirts must have a collar but are allowed sleeveless


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