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The Company was founded as Tecoma Travel Ltd. in 2001. The first years activities were oriented to promote Slovakia abroad, namely the "Inbound tourism" and the company allocated the inflow of tourists especially within the activities:

- Spa holidays in Slovakia
- Camps of foreign football clubs in Slovakia
- Incentive and sightseeing visits in Slovakia for citizens of the Republic of Cyprus 
- "SKI HOLIDAYS" for tourists from the Russian Federation

Tecoma Travel Company Ltd. prepared also stays within the "Outbound tourism", notably in Cyprus. These normal stays were for tourists from Slovakia. With its exclusive representation of Cyprus the company acquired the major part of the Slovak market, opened the first charter flights to Cyprus and concluded contracts with other major Czech and Slovak tour operators who included this destination into their program packages.

An important area became incentive stays and organizing conferences and seminars. Companies such as KPMG, Philip Morris, EU Consulting, SAVE FINANCE, representatives of pharmaceutical companies (ADL), physicians - speech therapists, HERIAL women's club - were, respectively are our clients and our company for these companies managed incentive tours, respectively conferences not only in Cyprus but also in other destinations such as Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Mexico, Greece and others.

With the above-mentioned activities related to the preparation, organization of missions, or any individual tailor-made holidays. These are specific packages that include: flights, transfers in the destination, translation services, Escort service, providing cultural programs, business services / legal, banking or other type of guidance /, accommodation, meals + dining advice etc.

Our company is well known for providing special events and sports camps. In particular, focus on football clubs, which we have been organizing since 2002 in Cyprus. Our interesting, respectively regular clients are: Slovan Bratislava, MFK Petržalka Bratislava, Sigma Olomouc, MFK Dubnica, 1.TC Brno, MSK Ružomberok, FC Spartak Trnava, 1 FC SYNOT and many other clubs. Sports activities are also linked to the organization reconditioning stays abroad in cooperation with famous sports clubs from Slovakia, as well as the organization of golf events and tournaments.

Since 2004, our company operates on the market of employment agencies as one of the leading providers of practice for vocational students in area of the Mediterranean Sea, mainly to destinations such as Cyprus and Greece. Thanks to our extensive experience in the tourism sector, our company was largely able to achieve conflict of interests on supply and demand. General Framework establishment of contractual terms, services of agency staff in destinations and precise selection of appropriate staff or trainees, the company obtained an exclusive reputation in the market and the increasing number of cooperating partners on the site of demand and supply as well.

Our partner network consists of 64 hotels and international hotel chains and 76 hotel academies and vocational schools that are interested in serious labor in the field of hospitality and gastronomy. In connection with this activity and placing of students for practice abroad, our company has developed the following activities:

  • Linguisticpreparation of students before the start of their practice (our company has issued our own textbook with DVD - anew interactive form of teaching English language in the hotels and restaurants)
  • Language training for teachers (mostly in foreign destinations)
  • Training teachers and pupils in the presence of foreign lecturers (representatives of cooperating hotel chains)
  • Organizing the annual conference "Modern School" for representatives of vocational schools and hotel academies and representatives of hotels.

Tecoma Contract Company Ltd. also provides further education, trainings and research stays focused on acquiring skills and qualifications in tourism to enhance the employability of their participants / students, graduates of high schools and universities, unemployed persons in the labor market, workers and etc. / at Slovakian and European labor market. These educational activities and further training within lifelong learning is also being accomplished through cooperation with tourism associations, hoteliers, qualified lecturers and experts for tourism development at the international level.

In connection with educational activities it should be noted that Tecoma Contract Ltd. provides:

1. Accredited courses for teachers in the worker's continuous / innovation / education for:
• teachers for vocational education
• teachers for secondary vocational education
• masters in vocational education

a) "Wine-tasting and gastronomy" / number of credits 19, no. Decision 258/2010-KV /
b) "English language and its use in gastronomy" / number of credits 23, no. Decision 257/2010-KV /
c) "English language and its usage in the hotel industry" / number of credits 23, no. Decision 256/2010-KV /
d) "Management of service quality in hospitality and gastronomy" / number of credits 23, no. Decision 255/2010-KV /
e) "Modern gastronomy" / number of credits 23, no. Decision 254/2010-KV /

2. Trainings for the general public in the accredited courses:
a) Construction works (roofers, floor, bricklayer, carpenter)
b) Animator in tourism
c) A worker in the hotel industry and gastronomy (Training in English abroad, focusing on hotels and restaurants, the animator in tourism - professional internship abroad, Assistant chef - a professional internship abroad, waiter / bartender (waitress / bartender) - expert internship abroad, Chambermaid-professional internship abroad, Receptionist (s) - Professional training abroad)
d) English for beginners
e) Painter
f) Auxiliary salesman
g) Chambermaid
h) Receptionist
i) The waiter / bartender
j) Support staff in the kitchen (kitchen helper, cook helper)
k) English focused on professional experience in hospitality and gastronomy

Currently, the company focuses and enriches its activities for the project activities. Newly established Design department with a team of professionals in management and implementation of projects financed from EU funds devotes to:

  • Project preparation

• The coordination and management of projects
• Implement projects to practice

  • Providing training and educational activities

• Monitoring of projects
• Business consultancy  in the field of projects


So far successfully implemented projects:

1. Skills and the international certificate of qualification in tourism guarantees you a job. (Processing, implementation, monitoring)
2. Increasing skills for employees of Tecoma Contract Ltd. (processing, implementation, monitoring)
3. Take advantage of mobility in the tourism sector in Cyprus and the application at the European labor market - Leonardo da Vinci (processing, implementation, monitoring)
4. New forms of teaching with emphasis on language training, performance and implementation of learning into practice (processing)
5. Teaching in real conditions as a module school reality (implementation, monitoring)
6. Implementing the new quality management, food safety, innovation in production as a direct indicator of quality position in the international market (processing)
7. Stability of employees in the labor market by adapting to the needs of a knowledgeable society (processing)
8. Increasing investment in human capital and increase the adaptability of companies (process, implementation, monitoring)


In recent years our company has developed and proposed 28 projects, which are in the process of evaluation. The project department is currently preparing new projects and educational activities for the various sectorial areas and also within international respectively cross border cooperation.




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