PRACTICAL PLACEMENT ABROAD PRACTICAL PLACEMENT ABROAD Practical Placement for students of Secondary Vocational Schools abroad If you are thinking to go abroad for work in the beautiful southern coasts surrounded by golden beaches and crystal clear water, which made you want to relax, it is necessary to remember that you go there mostly for hard work. Your employer will expect and demand your full commitment despite the high temperatures that cause fatigue and body weakness. It is also important to note that these countries have other traditions, mentality and laws, rather than what we are accustomed.We cannot expect that they will adapt on our ideas, but rather we need to adapt on their rules, regulations and habits, which may bring us new interesting and diversification experiences and broader horizons. The conditions that we offer, except from the possibility of earnings and other benefits in the form of accommodation, meals and return air plane tickets from employers are also included. YES that’s write all the conditions we stated are 100% TRUE!We do not promise you a vision of huge earnings, but very real conditions of the country.  




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